It goes without saying that the further miniaturization of components and the higher density of products make it necessary to inspect PCBAs fully automatically. Not only the presence, polarity and position of components, but also (and especially) the soldering quality must be guaranteed. The use of a machine with very high inspection accuracy and side angle cameras is essential for this.

“The past year we’ve made several investments in new production equipment. "says Ard-Jan Hamelink, COO at Unitron Group. ”With this new investment in AOI, we once again prove that we want to go for the best and highest possible quality assurance.”

Viscom Ag is the global market leader in inspection systems and offer solutions for amongst others, SPI, AOI, MXI, AXI, AOXI and CCI. Only companies that value quality and produce for demanding markets such as automotive and medical, resolutely select Viscom.


“A standalone unit was sufficient for our purposes, but we did not want to compromise on quality, ”says Mario Steel, Production Manager at Unitron Group BV. “After comparing and testing a number of manufacturers, we selected Viscom because it undoubtedly scored best in the inspection results, simplicity of programming and the overall concept of machine and organization.”

The Viscom S2088-II is the only table top machine on the market that can integrate up to 8 side cameras in addition to the standard high resolution top down camera. Because of this it can inspect components and soldering from all angles. The vVision software ensures fast and efficient programming, while also integrating a "never forget" self-learning function that makes it impossible to adjust a program in such a way that errors from the past can slip through.

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