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Component management stress?
start to optimise your time efficiently 


The affordable solution for component storage 

A tidy and connected component warehouse generates profit for your business. It reduces production line lead times, simplifies operations, reduces errors and enables complete traceability.


If until now the solutions for a smart storage system were intended only for companies with ample investment opportunities, with Archimede you can finally think of reorganizing your spaces in an efficient and profitable way.


Fully configurable according to your needs and the type of components handled, our system offers an extremely advantageous price / function ratio. 

One solution, Endless possibilities 

  • Holds  SMT reels, tubes, trays, bulk; PCB's ...

  • Up to 720 reels in 0,45m2

  • < 3 sec retrieval time and < 5 sec reel storage time 

  • Modular and flexible connection of cabinets with a single software to handle all cabinets

  • BoM management and FiFo functions 

  • 4.0 Indutry ready: full traceability, easy link with factory MRP software, custom solution for P&P software

  • Sensors and Leds on each position for reels location

  • 7”  full color touchscreen display and barcode scanner

  • Real time detection of picking & placing errors

  • 1120 x 640 x 1820 mm - 220VAC

Calculate immediately with our online tool how much your savings can be! 


Lights, Camera, Action

a video says more than words

Following products compliment very well with this machine 

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