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Conformal Coating & Curing

PVA Solutions for Coating, Curing & Handling

Yes, it's true ... we offer the full Conformal Coating Solution

The Starter

SIGMA Benchtop is a programmable three-axis robot suitable for virtually any coating or adhesive dispensing application. The unit is offered with either a single or dual tool mounting position and a jig plate mounting surface.

PVA Sigma.jpg

The PVA350 is a flexible three or four-axis robot that is suitable for virtually any benchtop or laboratory selective coating and automated dispensing application


The All Rounders

The PVA Delta 6 is a new, reimagined flexible robotic conformal coating/dispensing system that is ideal for selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications

The Delta 6 features a robust overhead three-axis motion platform suitable for inline or batch operations. While maintaining the preferred features of previous workcells, the Delta 6 has been designed with a slimmer footprint, improved structural and gantry rigidity for robustness, and easier access


The PVA Delta 8 is a robotic selective conformal coating/dispensing system, providing maximum work area flexibility to perform a wide variety of applications.

Ideal for selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications, the Delta 8 is conceptualized for maximum flexibility and can also be configured for custom assembly applications.


The Delta 8 has many options and integrated features


The Curing & Handling

The PVA Spectra features Fusion® UV lamps by Heraeus to initiate fast ultraviolet light polymerization of adhesives and coatings in an efficient inline process.  Various beam widths are available to accommodate a wide range of substrate dimensions.

PVA Spectra.png

The PVA DeltaTherm utilizes infrared panels to efficiently cure adhesives and coatings in a controlled, heated environment. 


Double-sided configuration is available in 4’ and 8’ curing lengths. The DeltaTherm offers custom heat profiling in each two foot section. Each infrared, coated panel is constructed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The DeltaTherm has many integrated features.

PVA Deltatherm.png

The Q Series Transfer Conveyors are ideal for a wide range of path handling applications and can optimize material flow between processes. PVA conveyor systems can be used to transport bare board assemblies or pallet fixtures.

PVA Queue.png

The Rest

From modest beginnings in Upstate New York, to a 135,000 square foot facility in Cohoes, NY, with regional sites stationed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, PVA has a long history of providing innovation and expertise in dispensing, coating and custom automation.

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