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Pick & Place

to suit all your needs

from entry level prototype

to high mix/high flexible

production requirements

Pick & Place: Product

The starter

The BS281 from Autotronik is an economy machine for prototype and start up companies with limited SMT production

Machine speed 3000 cph

Pick & Place: Store

The all-rounders

The Fox from Essemtec is one of the world's most advanced pick & place machines. It offers an unmatched flexibility and grow-as-you-go philosophy. 

Machine speed 7000 to 18.800 cph/module (expands to > 55.000cph) 

The Puma from Essemtec is the big brother of the Fox and offers same functionalities but can hold more heads and offers a larger standard board size of 560 x 610mm

Machine speed 6700 to 18.100 cph/module (expands to > 54.000cph) 

The High Speed

The Panasonic AM100 offers highest reliability, capacity and flexibility combined with cost-efficiency and gradual scalability in one high-mix solution.

Max Speed of up to 35.800 cph


The NPM-WX, the latest generation of the NPM platform, is the perfect solution for the expanding and digital future in electronics assembly.

Max Speed of up to 86.000 cph

Also available as a single-beam solution NPM-WXS.

High placement quality and high throughput are the characteristics of Panasonic’s NPM-DX, the next generation of smart pick and place equipment.

Max Speed of up to 92.400 cph

The NPM-W2 combines accurate component placement, precise SPI and AOI inspection and reproductive adhesive dispensing in one high-speed solution.

Max speed of up to 38.500 cph

Also available as a single-beam platform NPM-W2S.

The Specials

Panasonic's all-rounder pick-and-place machine that handles both SMT and THT components as standard or odd-form components in one placement order.


The HD812 and HD815 from Autotronik offers dedicated LED pick & place  that can handle boards up to 1500mm long.

Machine speed 30.000 cph 

Pick & Place: Essemtec video
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