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Soldering Reflow

Selection of standone and inline

Hot Air Convection Reflow and

Vapor Phase Reflow

Soldering Reflow: Main
Convection or vapour

Convection or Vapor phase?

With convection reflow machines hot air is pushed via fans thru heating elements to heat up the substrate. This process is widely used and offer solutions to the majority of soldering requirements. 

With vapor phase reflow the substrates are lowered in a vapor blanket to assure an evenly heat up without overheating. They are frequently used for complex soldering requirements

Start up convection

The BT301 table top systems use hot air and IR soldering. Ideal for prototyping labs and R&D companies.  

PCB size 350x240mm

Economy convection

The Autotronik B4000C reflow oven for medium volume soldering features 8 heating elements for high air volume soldering of substrates.

Machine length 2000mm

Heated Lenght 1320mm

Autotronik B4000C.PNG

The Essemtec RO400 reflow oven for medium volume soldering features 5 heating elements for high air volume soldering of complex boards.


Machine Length 2800mm

Heated Length 1620mm

Premium convection

The BTU Pyramax Reflow ovens offer a full range of high volume machines with 6 to 12  heating zones. Addtitionally also a vacuum reflow oven is available. It offers smart solutions for enery savings up to 25% compared to competition. 


Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers

BTU Pyramax.jpg
Convection Reflow

Start up vapor phase

The IBL Minilab is made for prototype and controlled soldering results and utilizes the patented vibration free transport system.   

PCB size 300x275x80mm

Economy vapor phase

The IBL SV260 dual chamber vapor phase is ideal for prototype and small series with live temperature monitoring.


PCB size 300x260x80mm

The IBL SV540 dual chamber vapor phase is made for small to mid volume with integrated fluid filter and solder monitoring.


PCB size 560x360x80mm

Premium vapor phase

The IBL BLC series is the most accurate machine to fully monitor and adjust the soldering profile. It offers various patented technical features and is the choice the most extreme soldering challenges. 


PCB size up to 850x540x80mm

The IBL CX series is the fully automated inline vapor phase soldering solution. It provides precise, high quality results at medium to high volume throughput. 


PCB size up to 825x650x80mm

Vacuum vapor phase

The IBL VAC series is similar to the premium range BLC but in addition offers a patented in vapour vacuum system for perfect void free soldering results. 


PCB size up to 635x644x70mm

Vapor Phase
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