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Solder Paste Inspection SPI

Global Technology Award winner Viscom S3088 SPI combines the advantages of the market-leading AOI system with powerful 3D SPI sensor technology and inspects the solder paste deposits with the highest possible speed and precision.

Even the most demanding assemblies with CSPs or micro BGAs are reliably inspected. All essential 3D features such as volume, height and form are recorded and checked, as are surface area, displacement and smearing. 

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Automatic Optical Inspection AOI

The Viscom 3D AOI inline systems offer the highest achievable inspection detail on the market with user friendly software for fast and accurate programming.


These systems are invented, designed and made in Germany. All in house at the Viscom HQ in Hannover from the camera to the software.


Available in various models to meet all the technical challenges. With up to 8 side view camera's , use of phase shift 3D Fringe projection, and height accuracy of 0,5 micron these systems offer the absolute best in depth inspection.


3D THT Solder Joint Inspection on PCB bottom side

With this machine type, Viscom brings its great THT competence into line with its longstanding experience in developing high-quality 3D inspection systems for SMD production.


The S3016 ultra is perfectly suited for inspecting SMD, THT and press- fit components as well as selective solder joints from below. THT solder joints, for example, can be precisely inspected in 3D with intelligent, high-throughput inspection technology from Viscom.


As a unique Viscom feature, eight angled views supplement the orthogonal view to guarantee shadow-free inspection and to yield excellent image quality in 3D.


Combined Automatic Optical and X-ray Inspection AOXI

Productronica Innovation Award winner Viscom X7056-II 3D AXI in-line system can ensure precise inspection of hidden solder joints and components in high-volume production. 

The Viscom X7056-II systems offers a unique machine that combines 3D AOI with fully automated X-ray. It is the most efficient and total defect coverage systems ever created.

The AXI on demand function assures that with 1 single program you only use the X-ray function when required by component type or defect type.


Conformal Coating Inspection CCI

The Viscom S3088 CCI offers full inspection both wet and dry on all types of coated PCBA's. 


Reliable conformal coating inspection - powerful and precise.

Including plasma and nanocoating inspection with High Densitty camera module and 3D Spot measurement for layer thickness inspection.


Manual X-Ray Inspection MXI

Viscom offers a wide range of X-ray systems in both manual and inline operation, for a wide range of applications.


The X8011-II PCB is a manual X-ray systems offering breathtaking clear X-ray images to ensure perfect analyses. It's larger version X8068 can handle product sizes up to 1000 x 720 mm.

Also the X-ray tubes itself are manufactured by Viscom assuring maximum quality and expertise.


Optimum 3D application in AO inspection

The third dimension is an increasingly essential aspect of AOI. Today, the decisive factors in 3D inspection include true-to-life representation from all selectable viewing angles, first-class throughput strengths, exact, certified 3D measurement and multiply networked data exchange.

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X-ray versatility with high speed throughput

While they are essential characteristics of an AOI system, today 3D inspection and high speed are just as important for an AXI. With time-optimized image acquisition technologies and efficient handling concepts, in-line X-ray performance is continually increasing.

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Industry 4.0 networks assembly inspection

Electronics manufacturing has implemented Industry 4.0 production processes, as the inspection systems clearly demonstrate. Because these systems are networked, errors that are found can be analyzed automatically, the causes of the errors localized, the defects corrected, and the error rate automatically minimized.


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