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Handle with Care

Take good care of your components . From low humidity cabinets to full automatic component storage.  And from semi- to full automatic component counters

Pick & Place: Product

Component Storage

The Arcadia Archimede Smart Storage System is an affordable semi-automatic component storage solution that reduces production line lead times, simplifies operations, reduces errors and enables complete traceability.

Up to 720 reels per cabinet 

IMG_3587 (2)_edited.jpg

The Essemtec Cubus  is an automatic SMD component storage system that can be fully integrated into your production offering high efficient space and money savings.

Up to 932 reels per module

Low Humidity cabinets

SEIKA MCDRY has a full range of Dry Storage Cabinets with 1% and 3% RH in different sizes to meet your needs and requirement. But above all it is the most cost effective and efficient low humidity cabinet in the market making Seika McDry the preferred supplier for high demanding customers.

Full Factory Storage

The Otto Kuennecke Magic Tower is a fully automated, scalable, and modular storage and picking system for SMD reels, which are stored and retrieved fully automatically under gapless track and trace and with various quality controls.

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