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If you know that more the 65% of the defects

are related to poor printing quality,

then you better make sure you have a good screenprinter. 

Screenprinters: Product

The Manual One

The UniPrint is an affordable highly accurate, robust and precise stencil printer.

Ideal for Prototyping, laboratory, new product development for solder paste, SMD glue and screenprinting of inks.

Available in 2 sizes, including for industry standard 23" frame stencils. 

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The Semi-Automatic Ones

The new affordable, Semi-Auto entry-level Miniko printer from Reprint provides the user with the functionality and features normally only found in more expensive semi-automatic machines.

An easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface with touch screen control combined with the printer's state of the art servo motor control system provide precise, repeatable printing every time, all of the time.

Miniko On STand rendered.png

The PBT FA 23 is a Semi-automatic programmable highly precise and flexible off line stencil printer that includes a fully automatic camera guided alignment and frontside horizontal moving table for easy loading and unloading of boards.

Ideal for small to middle series production in solder paste, SMD glue or thermoconductive paste on all types of substrates with a print area of max 410 x 390 mm


The Autotronik BS1400 is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use stencil printer is ideally suited for series production for small and medium quantities. 


It includes automatic alignment with high repeat accuracy, large print area, and can hold a wide range of stencil frames. 


The Full Automatic Ones

The Reprint Mantis 29 is stronger, faster and more accurate than its predecessor. Holds stencil frames up to 29" and sets new levels for productivity whilst maintaining an exceptional price to performance ratio.


Aimed at medium to high users, and keeping the external looks of its predecessor. This totally new design is packed with highly automated and innovative features.


Smaller but with all of the same features as its larger sibling, the Reprint Mantis 23 fully automatic screen printer sets high levels for productivity and has one of the worlds best price/performance ratio.


Stylish in design and with built in flexibility the Reprint Mantis 23 is the smallest machine in its class.

In a competitive and challenging manufacturing world, the Reprint Mantis 23 is the ideal choice for a whole range of production environments.

MANTIS 23.jpg

The Panasonic single-lane printer SPG2 offers high-precision printing in combination with a high degree of automation for labor and effort-saving SMD-printing.

This screenprinter is perfectly suited for customers in need of high speed performance production lines with fine pitch and high accuracy requirements.


The Special Ones

The Go LED Semi-automatic programmable highly precise and flexible off line stencil printer is suitable for LED production with camera guided alignment.

Ideal for low to mid volume production of LED panels with a maximum print area of 1200 x 350mm


The AP1500 is a high-precision full-automatic SMT stencil printer for high volume LED board production with a maximum print area of 1500 x 300mm


The printer is compatible with standard SMT frames with sizes from 400x300mm to 1900x630mm. 

The 4-point ball screw drives assure high quality prints with an excellent parallel separation of stencil and PCB. The programmable speed control and separation of stencil and PCB are also standard. 

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