Pick & Place

Essemtec Pick & Place of SMD components is not just about cph speed. 
It's about fast setup, easy programming, high accuray in both the feeders and the placement head, and so much more.  But above all, a pick& place is the heart of your production, and we've surely got one to fit your needs


Viscom Inspection systems offer a wide range of equipment for example to inspect your paste deposits with the 3D SPI system and your finished board on components and soldering result. Guaranteed to assure full defect coverage and process improvement for your production.

Soldering Reflow

The soldering process is a crucial process step and we offer both the convection hot air solution process and the Vapor Phase soldering process from IBL. Your choice for low and high volume, standalone or inline, with or without vacuum.

Soldering Selective

Get your thru-hole components soldered according to the tricks of the trade with market leader Pillarhouse. All solder joints get the special attention they deserve and you can count on a stable and repeatable solder result, joint after joint after joint...


It all starts with applying paste or glue to your substrate. We have a fine selection of screen and stencil printers to meet your needs. Wether you have a small or large budget, if you wanna go manual or full automatic ... we've got it

Dispensing & Jetting

In standard SMT proces we can get the adhesive or paste deposited with a dispensing or high speed Jetter from Essemtec.  But these machines are also used for high end advanced processes such as dam & fill, underfill, and much more

Component Handling

From low humidity storage cabinets to fully automatic component storage systems. And from semi-automatic component counters to fully automated contactless counters 

Coating - Handling -Marking

We also got all the other right stuff, such as: Boardhandling, Coating, Laser Marking, , Depanellers, etc.

Automatic Test Equipment

Flying Probe Testers (FPT), In-Circuit Testers (ICT), Functionla SYstems, Bare board testers, and much more from Seica


No product is complete without the right food. You'll need to feed your product with solder paste, glue, stencil, flux or solder wire. We can offer the complete process to make sure your products gets manufactured with the best consumables.


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