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Soldering Selective

Assure highest quality in soldering

of thru hole components with our

full range of Selective Soldering machines

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The Starter

The Pillarhouse low cost PILOT machine has been designed as an entry level, hand load, benchtop machine for small to medium batch manufacturers combining high levels of production flexibility with economic running costs.


The All Rounder

The Pillarhouse JADE MKII handload machine is designed to meet the needs of the manufacturer requiring high level of production flexibility, offering uncompromised soldering quality.

Incorporating a universally adjustable tooling carrier capable of accommodating PCB’s or pallets up to 460 x 510mm, and the patented drop-jet design fluxer and solder return spiral.

Also available as XL, turntable and multiple solderpots version.


Number 1 most sold worldwide

The Pillarhouse Orissa Synchrodex is an all round flexible in line modular system, that offers the ultimate in flexibility with the ability to upgrade to high speed throughput when multiple modules are placed together.

It's space saving design is equipped with the same patented technologies as other Pillarhouse systems and can handle PCB sizes of up to 460x610mm


The High Volume 

The Pillarhouse Fusion incorporates high speed PCB transfer, and offers the ultimate in flexibility, coupled with reduced line length at a lower cost compared to current market offerings.

The standard four station cell can be configured to handle PCB’s up to 381mm x 460mm – fluxer, preheat, solder, solder. For high speed applications this same unit can be configured as fluxer/preheat and up to three solder modules with as many as five heater options

Fusion New Doors 800x600px.jpg

The Specials

German engineering & Quality with a full scale for all project based hard to solder applications.


Eutect offers a complete solution from single machine to full line using all types of soldering techniques such as laser, induction, mini wave, piston, and thermode soldering.


If no one else can do it, EUTECT will.

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