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time to Take control

Your first time?

stop fiddling around with your tweezers 

Yes you can! 

Something new is always scary. So off course you are anxious. But we are here to help you out. 

This machine has been designed for prototype and small batch production.


If you have limited budget and want to make a first step into the fantastic world of SMD manufacturing, then this is your buddy. 


It's got all the basic requirements you will need to make sure you can get your PCB's assembled in the best possible way.


best buy for prototype automatic SMD

  • Components from 0201 to 16x14mm


  • Optional placement of BGA and QFP 

  • Max 64 Feeder positions

  • Max PCB size 320x415 mm

  • Placement speed 2500 cph (IPC9850) 

  • Programming via CAD Conversion, Direct Input, or Teaching/Fiducial Recognition Camera

Lights, Camera, Action

a video says more than words

Following products compliment very well with this machine 

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