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Spot on

Its Design

compact- economical - low maintenance

Pilot worknest.jpg

For low volume  

The Pillarhouse PILOT machine has been designed as an entry level, benchtop machine for small to medium batch manufacturers combining high levels of production flexibility with economic running costs.  

Programming is child's play  

Can you point and click? Then you can program. Set your parameters for your solderpin and push the start button. That's it. 

Use it anywhere, anytime 

The machine needs only 900x700 mm floorspace,  can be placed on a table or on the roller case, and with a solderpot volume of only 6kg can be ready to go in no time.    

Its Performance

mirror shiny soldering - no residues - full control 

Jade Soldering Top display.jpg

Horizontal PCB 

The PCB is loaded in slide in/out carrier and kept fully horizontal as it moves in three axes over the fluxer and soldernozzle.  It allows accurate soldering and helps to prevent components from tilting. 

Patented Technology

Although a low cost system, the PILOT is offered with the ability to run the acclaimed highly flexible Pillarhouse AP nozzle technology, together with our patented market leading 1.5mm micro nozzle.

Pre-heating comes naturally 

The use of our hot Nitrogen curtain provides an inert atmosphere and also assists in the prevention of oxidation and provides a local preheat to the joint, thus reducing thermal shock to components. 

Its Specifications

Small with Great results

Pilot interior.jpg
  • Machine size: 915 x 700 mm

  • Board size: 330 x 250 mm 

  • Power: Single phase + PE 220-250V 50/60Hz - 4kVA

  • X, Y & Z Axis resolution: 0.1mm

  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm

  • Applicators with different nozzle types

  • Optional patented Micro Nozzle of 1,5mm

  • Drop-Jet fluxer

  • Colour programming camera 

  • Solder wave height measurement and correction

  • Universally adjustable PCB carrier

  • Optional Fiducial correction

The PILOT is available with a N2 generator that is integrated into the stand.  

It's Exciting

one video says more than a thousand words

It's Yours

a word from the customers

HMD Engineering

HMD produces small volume batches where most of the components are SMD,  but in order to assure that those few thru hole components get soldered correctly it uses the Pillarhouse PILOT. 

Read full story


As producer of among other car ignitions Albertronic needs to assure that the soldering of the heavy pin components are of the highest quality and durable.

Visit Albertronic

Alflex Technologies

As design & manufacturing for high tech products the company replaced the hand soldering by the efficiënt and quality results of the Pillarhouse PILOT selective soldering machine.

Visit Alflex

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It's Time

the best choice for your low volume task

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