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Higher productivity and quality thanks to the integration of printing, placement and inspection processes make the NPM-W2 one of the most flexible and versatile pick-and-place solutions on the market.


  • This machine provides the user with a tool that allows him to choose between high speed or high accuracy, depending on the PCB requirements.


    In addition, the NPM-W2 is optimised for larger boards and larger components, such as PCBs up to 750 x 550 mm and components up to 150 x 25 x 30 mm (L,W,H). For high productivity, dual lanes can be used.


    The multifunctional NPM-W2 is equipped with a 12-nozzle head and can place 38,500 components. 120 feeders can be mounted.


    Additionally, the NPM-W2 can automatically inspect solder depots and components according to the production data.


    As a third function, the NPM can be fitted with the conventional HDF discharge mechanism, which ensures high-quality non-contact dispensing with a screw valve-dispenser.


    This platform is also available as a single-beam solution:

    • NPM-W2S single beam allows various operations ranging, from NPM-series backup to multiple connection configuration.
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