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Your Roadmap for visiting Productronica 2017 in Munich 

Productronica closed it's doors for 2017

Here are the things we introduced during this succesfull event

Hall A3-218: Product launch of the Puma P&P innovation
Essemtec Puma

Essemtec Puma

Essemtec Puma Pick & Place machine

Puma interior

Puma interior

Lots of feederspace and Large PCB worknest

Essemtec Puma 3 line

Essemtec Puma 3 line

Puma lets you expand and grow your production to high volume lines

This will be the first big system platform that can be used on one hand for the assembly of high-speed applications, alternatively it can be used for rapid prototyping and furthermore it can also be used for high speed dispensing. With different modules the systems grow synchronous with the customer's requirements for performance and processes. This is a real "all in one" solution.

Hall A2-177: Trailblazing solutions for 3D AOI and 3D AXI
  1. New: The 3D X-ray inspection system X7056-II combines superb image quality with extremely high throughput – ideal for high-class electronics in high-volume production

  2. 3D AOI for every task: Developed for fast product change-overs, miniaturized components and complex designs of printed circuit boards. You are well equipped with the flexible, future-proof S3088 ultra gold – the ultimate premium solution you can variably configure

  3. Prevent defects right from the start with precise 3D solder paste inspection.

  4. Conformal coating problems? Inspect conformal coatings with the S3088 CCI, including wet and plasma coating inspection

  5. Industry 4.0: As the only manufacturer we offer an open interface. Thus the inspection results from the SPI, AOI, AXI and MXI can profitably flow in your entire process chain

Industry 4.0 Solved with Intelligence
Hall A4-220: Selective soldering from handload to high volume inline

Pillarhouse will be introducing the new JADE MK-IV that can handle PCBs up to 610x508mm and can include a top + bottom heating.


They'll exhibit the complete range of Selective Soldering Systems, from the entry-level, hand-load Pilot system; through to their high-end, in-line, Fusion system.

The Pilot is perfect for small to medium batch hand-load operations wanting a high specification value option. Flexible and low energy consuming.

Incorporating high speed PCB transfer, the Orissa Fusion platform offers the ultimate in flexibility, coupled with reduced line length at a lower cost compared to current market offerings. It can be configured to handle PCB’s up to 381x460mm – fluxer, preheat, solder, solder. For high speed applications this same unit can be configured up to three solder modules and five heater options.

Hall A4-216: Best in Class Quality Vapor Phase soldering

To memorate its 30 year anniversary IBL will be exhibiting it's full range of new style vapor phase machines in batch, inline and vacuum. 

Technical superiority has always been the driving factor for IBL, and resulted in many patented technologies. The new range of machines now offer more and new features that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Hall A2-540: Contactless Component counter

The automated component recognition detects and counts the unknown building parts without external support within approx.10 seconds. This is the reason why customers decide for the CCX in a direct comparison to its direct competition. Its easy and intuitive operation by company employees and data safety supported by the intelligent database onsite provide optimal protection of also sensitive data.

  • Quad-Count – 4 Reels in only 20 seconds

  • Sticks & Trays - Counting (NEW Feature )

  • Artificial intelligence of the CCX database through automatic learning mode

  • Plausibility control

  • Counting of large components with high volume packaging

  • Drypack  - Exact counting in spite of overlays by interference factors

Hall A3-355: Solutions for challenging printing processes

At the Productonica show Christian Koenen will be introducing new developments and innovative ideas on everything relating to stencil and screen technology as well as the printing process.  If you want to improve your process & quality then here is a stand where you need to stop.   

                                       Productronica Shoping List 

Machine/Process                                             Brand                       Location

A.O.I. Automatic Optical Inspection                

A.X.I. X-Ray Inspection                                      

C.C.I. Conformal Coating Inspection               

Component Counter                                        

Component Storage                                          

Dispensing & Jetting                                          

Pick & Place                                                      

Solder Paste                                                        

Soldering Selective Customized                      

Soldering Selective Wave                                 

Soldering Vapor Phase & Vacuum                  

S.P.I. Solder Paste Inspection                          

Stencils & Screens                                             




Optical Control       









Christian Koenen     














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