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15 years of cool electronics from Thal Technologies BV

Thal Technologies celebrates its 15 year anniversary and has over the years become a reference in the design, development and production of LED products and thermal solutions. Its headquarter in Almere has over 2400 m² office space and production facility with 6 SMT production lines, offering unprecedented capabilities and flexibility.

THAL stands for Thermal And Led which is the main focus and expertise of the company. A good thermal management will not only extend the lifetime of a product, but will also increase the performance and avoid electronics failure in the field. Aimed at industries ranging from industrial applications to avionics and street lighting, the company has the full in house expertise to make sure their customers can count on the best customized solution for cooling of the electronics assemblies and thermal relief of LED lighting and LED modules and strips.

Thal Technologies is “made in the Netherlands”, and this make-industry attitude started over a decade ago when the company invested in their very first SMT production machine from Essemtec.

“In order to have the best solution we realized that it was crucial to have the connection between the development and the production of the products as short as possible.” says Ad Musters, founder and CEO at Thal Technologies. “Only brains and ideas was not enough to provide working products for our customers. With our expertise in specifically LED products, we see that we can better tackle the requirements, the designs and time to market that changes even faster than the trees changes leaves.”

In the last 15 years the company has grown steadily and with it so did the machine park, where the most recent investment includes the fully automatic XXL extreme long board size production and industrialization software to increase the production performance. “We are very honored to have Thal Technologies since 10 years as one of our most loyal customers,"says Tom Van Tongelen, CEO at Smd-Tec. 'This has resulted in a complete machine park from Smd-Tec with over 8 pick & place machines, automatic screenprinters, reflow ovens and handling equipment spread over 6 SMT production lines.”

Thal Technologies is ISO9001:2015 certified and has a total production setup that handles the full spectrum of components and the handling of long boards of 1500mm length. The net output capacity of over 100 million component placements per year is rarely seen in the Benelux and allows to provide very fast response times. All these capabilities and the combination of design and production makes Thal Technologies a unique partner for LED and thermal management solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and far beyond these borders.  Keeping production and electronics cool since 2003.

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