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Increased Technical Capacity with Paste Jetter Pick & Place machine

ACtronics BV is the European market leader specialized in revisions of electronic car parts for almost all car brands. The combination of growing demand and the increasing challenges in revision work made the company decide to invest in the Essemtec Fox Multi-Function Center which combines accurate jetting of paste with placement of components

ACtronics stands for Quality

ACtronics has been active as car electronics revision expert in the Netherlands and throughout Europe since 2005. With their innovative production procedure they’ve grown to be market leader thanks to the development of in house simulation platforms, equipment to detect failures and performing endurance tests. Their range is varied and include amongst other ABS-units, ECU’s, TCU’s,  instrument panels and throttle bodies … all with 2 year warranty on the remanufactured parts.

Advanced Electronic Revision

Specific processes are required to allow the revision of modern electronic modules and components, such as for example fine pitch microprocessors. The parts that require replacement are more often then not fully sealed in a module that carefully needs to be de-assembled. After this process, the specified components need to be de-soldered and the area cleaned. Only then the remanufacturing challenge can begin by applying paste on specific locations and placing a new component on the board

“The search for the most appropriate solution for our line of business was not an easy task,” says Leon Kleine Staarman, owner at ACtronics. “There are many parameters and conditions we needed to consider, but Smd-Tec and Essemtec understood our challenges and supported us from the start with tests and proof of operation. Even though we looked at different solutions, choosing Essemtec went relative fast because we were so impressed by the technical capabilities and customer oriented culture.”

Essemtec Fox with Dynamic Shockwave Paste Jetter

The Essemtec VDST Dynamic Shockwave Paste jetter is integrated in the FOX pick & place machine, therefore additional process steps and operator manipulation are not required. Both the high speed application of solder paste and the placement of components is performed with one single machine and program. The jetter can process down to 200µ size paste dots and easily reached the required pitch of 0,4mm. In addition the process is constantly monitored with automatic software tools and hardware features including a nozzle heater assuring high repeatability and stability.

Smd-Tec is proud to welcome a High Tech company such as ACtronics in their customer family. “Thanks to close cooperation, our team succeeded into making this project a success." says CEO Tom Van Tongelen. "In addition the choice for a European manufacturer and local professional support are more important than ever before. If nothing else, 2020 taught us that it’s best to have a good neighbor than a distant friend.”

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