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E.D.&A. invests in Viscom 3D AOI Machine

E.D.&A. NV (Kalmthout) is one of Belgium’s most advanced electronics production company, which earned them the title of “Factory of the Future” in 2016 and 2019. They are always looking for innovations to adapt their manufacturing process which recently prompted them in buying the Viscom 3D Automatic Optical Inspection Machine AOI.

Advanced Viscom AOI Inspectie

For the 3D inspection of the THT line E.D.&A. carried out an extensive market study and did many tests and measurements to determine which machine best correlated with their demands and wishes. This guided them to the impressive performance of the Viscom S3016 Ultra 3D AOI which combines high accuracy with ease of use.

The Viscom S3016 Ultra can inspect SMD, THT, Press-Fit and selective solder joints in full 3D. Thanks to the Viscom developed and produced camera technology, extremely accurate measurements of soldering and THT pin lengths can be performed. Besides measuring pins, advanced Viscom algorithms make fast detection of open solder joints, solder bridges, missing pins and other defects possible.

"Unique to Viscom are the eight angled cameras that complete the orthogonal image and guarantee a shadow-free inspection.

The clear color images are displayed from all 9 perspectives to the operator, allowing for a smooth verification of the quality of the connections."

E.D.&A. is expanding!

With their multidisciplinary team of engineers, E.D.&A. offers hardware and embedded software solutions for -amongst others- machine and equipment manufacturers. For the production of these solutions they use their own ultramodern automated assembly lines. They are the frontrunners when it comes to quality, flexibility, efficiency and short lead times thanks to a thorough automation. To continue to meet customer’s demand E.D.&A. has major plans including the construction of a new production hall and the increasing of their production capacity.

The future is now

As Factory of the Future staying up-to-date is not enough, but looking to the future is the only motto. That is why reinventing oneself and observing evolutions closely is crucial. Especially when certainties of the past are suddenly uncertain it is of utmost importance that we look ahead, think ahead and stay ahead... just like E.D.&A. and Viscom.

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