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ELC Lighting invests in State of the Art Electronics

ELC Lighting BV (Gemert, NL) is the market leader in the field of DMX devices used for controlling lighting equipment and light effects for concerts, theatres and museums. A success story of a company with development and production in the Netherlands and supplying its products all over the world

ELC provides the WOW effect

The name ELC Lighting may not mean much to you, but if you have ever been to a concert, museum, theatre or football game, you can be sure that you have witnessed their technology.

The core business of the company is the so-called DMX devices that basically ensure that all types of lights and special effects communicate with each other to synchronize color profiles and movements with music. The result is a total experience for the ear and the eye.

Made in Holland

Handling all developments and production in-house has been part of the company's success story for more than a decade. To continue to meet new innovations and manage electronics production more efficiently, ELC Lighting has invested in the latest Essemtec Puma4 Pick & Place machine and the Cubus Automatic Component Storage system.

“ELC has been a customer of Smd-Tec and Essemtec for more than a decade, and we continue to evolve and invest in the latest technology, ”says Joost van Eenbergen, owner of ELC Lighting. “This recent investment elevates our production capabilities and assures us of a fast, high-quality and efficient production of our devices.”

Thanks to the correct response to market demand, ELC Lighting has succeeded in achieving its goals year after year. With the choice of Essemtec machines the company can grow its production needs thanks to the modular expansion possibilities and the application of the newest technologies; including Hermes M2M communication, jetting integration, XXL board mounting, Paste dispensing, dynamic line balancing, etc.

Automatic component storage and zero downtime production changes

The Essemtec Puma4 is equipped with the latest hardware and includes maintenance-free double linear motors, a mineral cast frame, up to 160 feeder positions and speeds of > 18,000 cph. The software is one of the most important features that enables the user to quickly create programs and perform zero downtime product changes.

The integration of the Essemtec Cubus component storage system ensures the delivery of the right component at the right time. The fully automatic management of component locations and handling increases the efficiency of the production line, guarantees shorter lead times and an accurate overview of the current stock situation.

Mutual trust and cooperation

The collaboration between Smd-Tec and ELC Lighting started more than 10 years ago when ELC Lighting decided to no longer be dependent on external suppliers but take control of its production. "I remember my first meeting with Joost very well," says Tom Van Tongelen, owner of Smd-Tec. "We immediately made a click and understood very well that the right choice of machines was vital for the growth of the company."

“Smd-Tec immediately saw our needs and took our wishes and concerns seriously. Partly due to their hands-on experience in electronics production, there was immediate mutual trust and respect for each other, ”says Joost van Eenbergen, who can still vividly remember the first conversation.

Both companies have continued to grow over the past 10 years and as the production needs have progressed they continue to do business in a friendly manner where respect and trust are the cornerstones of the collaboration.

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