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Productronics Assembly BV relies on IBL in-line vapor phase

Productronics Assembly BV located in Weert (the Netherlands) has significantly expanded its production capacity and selected the BLC620i in-line vapor phase machine from IBL for their reflow soldering process.

One Stop Shop

The company was founded in 2017 by a dynamic team that build up its experience working at Philips Research and Philips Innovation Services. Productronics develops and manufactures electronics for different applications and sectors which allows them to offer their services as a One-Stop-Shop with maximum attention to the customer.

Thanks to the dynamic approach, the company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and moved to a new location with a larger production hall, which they have equipped with new production machines including the fully automatic in-line vapor phase machine of IBL

Soldering Quality

One of the most important processes that determines both the durability and longevity of an electronic product is the solder quality.

“We have had many years of positive experience using the IBL vapor phase machines and this technology is without a doubt the best for our reflow soldering process," said Carlo Aan den Boom, Technical Director at Productronics. "Our choice of IBL is based on the quality construction and robustness of the machines that give us the long-term reliability that is indispensable for our production and is aligned with our vision. In addition, as a local IBL distributor, Smd-Tec is a very reliable partner that thinks with us and provides a professional service.”

The bases for the development of IBL machines is the focus on ensuring the best reflow soldering results through vapor phase where homogeneous heating in an oxygen-free environment ensures perfect results. Numerous patented technologies including a vibration-free transport system, Rapid Cooling System and Intelligent Profiling System make this a unique and low maintenance machine that can be used in both standalone and fully automatic inline versions.

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