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Emergency lights that can save your life from Jumiko BV

Fire ... we think and hope that we will never be confronted with it, but unfortunately it is an all-consuming danger that can never be entirely ruled out. Clearly visible emergency lighting is crucial to bring yourself to safety. Jumiko BV located in Emmen (NL) ensures this safety.

With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of emergency lighting and LED lighting, Jumiko offers a wide range of products and services, tailor-made if required by the end-user. In order to be able to respond quickly to the market demand and to ensure a short time to market, the lighting and fixtures are not only developed, but also produced in house.

“In recent years we have seen enormous growth in customer demand and especially with LED applications ", says Jan Oelen, owner of Jumiko. "In order to fully meet to the market request, we recently decided to invest in an SMD line.”

Previously, the company outsourced (part of) the SMD production, but due to a combination of logistical and quality issues, it was decided to do this in-house. The challenge for Jumiko was to find a good solution for a production that has a combination of large and small production batches, simple and more complex PCBAs..

“Making a choice was not easy, because there is a wide range of manufacturers, and price and ease of use also play an important role”, according to Jan Oelen. "However, the click with Smd-Tec and the Essemtec machine was immediately made. It just fit all our expectations and within a few weeks we sealed the deal.”

The Essemtec Fox Pick & Place machine uses the latest technology to ensure that Jumiko can work quickly, easily and with the highest accuracy. It’s driven with high end linear motors, and the platform can grow with the company because it can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 placement heads. Of course it places the full spectrum of SMD components and is praised worldwide for the most user-friendly software.

“To complete the SMT line, Jumiko also invested in a screenprinter and the Essemtec RO300 reflow oven, and can now go for maximum output at the best possible quality ", says Tom Van Tongelen, owner of Smd-Tec. "Next time I check in at a hotel or step into an office, I go looking for the green-lit signs and I will feel safer knowing that they might have been made with our machines. Safety first!"

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