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BTAC Solutions bv enhances efficiency with new Pillarhouse International Selective Soldering Machine

In the competitive Benelux landscape of manufacturing, staying ahead often requires strategic investments. BTAC Solutions embraces forward thinking and sustainable use of energy and resources. In addition, choosing the in-line selective soldering machine from Pillarhouse was not only about acquiring new technology; it was a deliberate move to elevate product quality and refine their manufacturing processes.

Pillarhouse International is based in the UK, and since 1978, has been a market leader with exclusive focus and expertise on selective soldering equipment for all types of production, ranging from handload equipment for the low to mid volume manufacturer, to the in-line systems for high volume manufacturing. These systems come in various types that also allow a unique modularity solution, so that any company can upgrade and grow with the system as the volume goes up.

“We have been working with the Pillarhouse Jade handload system for over 15 years,” explains Willem Jonkman, CEO of BTAC Solutions, “Some years ago we decided to upscale to in-line selective soldering and meet the increasing production demand. We had looked at other so called mainstream machines, but soon found out that the complexity, buy price and cost of ownership was disproportional.”

After thorough research and consultation, they decided to integrate the Orissa Synchrodex in-line selective soldering machine into their production, which includes four modules with separate fluxer, pre-heat and two solder pots. BTACS sought a solution that could bring precision and efficiency to their assembly line and several specific criteria ticked the box, including:

- simple to use (short learning curve)

- fast heating time (less electricity)

- very little dross and low flux and nitrogen usage (less impact on environment)

- long lasting solder nozzles (good for bank account)

- well established and long-time supplier (trust and experience)

- last but not least … the absolute best value for price

“The same day the machine arrived, we installed it and had it up and running with an almost immediate impact.” continues Mr. Jonkman. “The selective soldering machine, equipped with advanced robotic capabilities and precise temperature control, allowed for pinpoint accuracy in soldering connections. We were already accustomed to this, thanks to other systems we had from Pillarhouse, but it also introduced operational efficiencies.”

The automated processes reduced the need for manual labour, allowing skilled workers to focus on more intricate aspects of the assembly process. This not only elevated the skill utilisation of the workforce, but also increased overall production capacity, saving both time and resources.

At BTAC Solutions, the low cost of ownership and reduction of consumption of energy and hazardous material is something which is embedded in their DNA. They recently established the company Hortigold BV that developed the Greenhouse Light Control, which allows the ability to grow and harvest vegetables in any part of the world. The GLC increases the growth of crops by 20% while simultaneously reducing light pollution and CO2 emissions. Their commitment to delivering top-tier electronics was solidified, earning them a reputation for excellence within their industry.

“The decision of BTAC Solutions to invest in the Pillarhouse selective soldering machine wasn’t just a technological upgrade,” says Tom Van Tongelen, owner at Smd-Tec and local supplier of Pillarhouse equipment in the Benelux region. “It was a transformative journey towards enhancing product quality, streamlining processes, and securing a competitive edge in the market. This success story serves as an inspiration for other manufacturers considering similar advancements in their quest for excellence.”

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