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Thal Technologies invests in new Long Board SMT line

Thal Technologies is a household name when it comes to development and production of LED lighting and thermal management of electronics products. The company continues to expand annually to keep up with growing customer demand and has recently made a new investment in a high-speed SMT line that can handle PCB lengths up to 1200mm.

Capacity & Flexibility

Thal Technologies already had 6 SMT lines capable of handling all standard and long board applications up to a length of 1500mm. In total they had a capacity of more than 120 million component placements per year.

These production lines provide the company with enormous flexibility and numerous possibilities for handling different products and serving customers simultaneously. But Thal Technologies continues to invest year after year in order to be able to respond even wider and faster to the needs of the market. This led to the purchase of its 7th electronics production line with as central machine the new Essemtec PUMA which can process PCB lengths up to 1200mm.

Essemtec PUMA for fully automatic 1200 mm production

The new line consists of a loader/destacker, followed by an Autotronik AP1200 Long Board Screenprinter, the Essemtec PUMA assembly machine and the Zonda 9 zone convection reflow oven. From bare PCB to soldered end result in a fully automatic process where the Essemtec PUMA uses the latest hardware and software features that combine speed and quality with ease of use.

"We have been working with Essemtec and Smd-Tec for a very long time," says Ronald Kunneman, Managing Director of Thal Technologies. "However, the Puma was a new machine for us but it convinced us with its high quality hardware construction and output. Compared to the previous generation of machines, we can see that the aspect of speed has made great progress."

Tom Van Tongelen, Managing Director of Smd-Tec, is very pleased with the cooperation between the two companies. "It is exceptional nowadays that a marriage lasts longer than 10 years and we are grateful for the loyalty," he says. "Thanks to the continued investment in our product portfolio and the commitment of our local Smd-Tec Service team we can ensure this long-term customer satisfaction."

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