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TracXon invests in Essemtec Dispensing and Pick & Place Machine

TracXon is a spin-off of the renowned TNO Holst Centre and specializes in the development and manufacturing of products on flexible and stretchable printed foils. Production with this material requires expertise and know-how in combination with equipment that are capable of producing these challenging applications.

Flex to stretch

In order to meet the new market requirements regarding the processing of foils in the consumer, industrial and automotive industries TracXon focuses on developing progressive and future-oriented products with printed electronics.

"In addition to the technical and aesthetic advantages, this method of production avoids the use of excess copper, chemicals and other residual waste required in the manufacture of traditional PCBAs," says Ashok Sridhar, CEO of TracXon. 'The conductive ink is printed on wafer-thin foil, then jetted and  assembled with components.'

Essemtec PUMA P&P and jetting at 1800mm length

The investment in the Essemtec Puma enables TracXon to process foils of 1800x600mm, and to apply paste, epoxy and other adhesives. The ease of use and combination of different processes in 1 machine ensures great flexibility and guarantees the highest accuracy whereby components down to a package size of 008004 can be processed.

"We have two decades of experience with the Essemtec range of machines and work together with customers in the Benelux who focus on demanding production solutions," says Tom Van Tongelen, CEO of Smd-Tec. "The fact that TracXon has also chosen our unique solutions after a long selection period gives us great pleasure and we look forward to this fantastic collaboration."

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