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Major Electronics b.v. buys Viscom 3D AOI Machine

As a specialist in manufacturing PCB assemblies of both large and small series, Major Electronics strives to ensure high quality for its customers. One of the latest tools to achieve this is its investment in the Viscom 3D Automatic Optical Inspection machine.

Viscom, as the worldwide market leader, is known for its extensive capabilities to perform highly accurate inspection measurements that reveal all possible defects. Component presence, type, polarity, co-planitary check and the quality of solder joints of SMD and conventional components are inspected by a total of 9 cameras that form a high-resolution image and measure height differences as small as 0.5 microns.

"Our current AOI machine needed replacement and we had clear criteria for our new machine," says Klaas Schaper and Douwe Rienstra, directors of Major Electronics. "During our selection process, numerous manufacturers were visited and ultimately several distinguishing factors made us decide to select Viscom. These included features such as the solid and structured programming method, the ease of use, clear qualification process, the large install base and the professional approach of both Viscom and Smd-Tec."

All Viscom machines are 100% developed and manufactured in Hanover, Germany. From the hardware including the construction of cameras and X-ray tubes, to the software that enable the creation of waterproof programmes that detect all possible production errors. As a result, the machines are used not only for quality assurance, but also for improving the overall production process.

"Thanks to this purchase, we can serve our customers even better" according to Klaas Schaper . "With this, we continue our production renewal process and offer a total solution for all types of industries and challenging products," adds Douwe Rienstra.

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