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ACE electronics NV buys Viscom Full 3D A.O.I. machine S3088 Ultra

After an intensive test period ACE electronics N.V. located in Diest (B) has selected the Viscom 3D AOI S3088 Ultra. Decisive factors such as the unique 3D and software features where complemented by the robust construction of the machine, the high measuring accuracy and exceptional image quality.

“The selection of an AOI machine is not easy and the demo’s that we received from different manufacturors were relative comparable.” says Johan Lieten , Sales & Logistics Manager at ACE electronics . “But when we looked in more detail into the specifications and the software of the S3088 Ultra machine we started to clearly see the differences. Also the results of the more in depht tests were very impressive.”

Viscom is the European marketleader of inspection systems and preferred supplier for customers that focus on complex PCB’s in high tech industries. The last few years the company has been strongly focussing on the development of their new software platform vVision. This allows the user to very simply program, fine-tune and operate the machine, regardless if they are producing small or large production batches.

“Our customer portfolio is very wide, and we produce a combination of mid-volume batches for all types of end-users and markets. This makes fast programming and the detection of all defects very crucial for us.” says Mr. Lieten.  “And same as our customers request from us, we also request one indispensable feature when purchasing an AOI machine: Reliability.”

The combination of the orthogonal top camera, 8 angle view camera’s and the digital 3D fringe projector guarantees an unprecedented accuray, and is all Made in Germany. Smd-Tec is in the Benelux region the local support for installation, training and service. But also the proximity of Viscom to the Benelux region gives the customer the opportunity to be in direct contact with the manufacturor. This interaction has a double benefit as the customer can count on the highest level of support, and Viscom gets direct feedback to allow even more customer required features in their systems.

“We are very happy with the investment that ACE electronics has made and therewith clearly emphasizing the commitment to their customers.” concludes Tom Van Tongelen, CEO at Smd-Tec. “With this system they will without any doubt have the ability to offer the highest available quality.”

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