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Flexible Electronics from Amkor Zeefdruk B.V.

Founded more than 50 years ago Amkor has grown into a high tech supplier for several industrial and consumer applications of electronic front labels and membrane switches. In order to produce faster and more accurate it has invested in an Essemtec placement machine with integrated accuracy dispensing.

Amkor Zeefdruk B.V. with headquarter in Ede (The Netherlands) has been active since 1965 with custom design, development and production.  With the specific process requirement for the assembly of foils used on for example coffeemakers, dashboards and industrial or medical machines, they required an SMT machine that could handle the production of fine pitch components in combination with the dispensing of very small dots of conductive and non-conductive glue.

“The requirements in our market have changed dramatically in the last years.” says Michael Korteweg, CEO at Amkor Zeefdruk. “The miniutarisation has lead to our investment in the Essemtec Paraquda machine, which allows us to reduce our production time and be able to produce more complex foils.”

The process of these products include the printing of the electrical circuit on a flexible foil that is then loaded into the multifunctional dispense and pick & place machine. It will dispense conductive glue dots as small as 200 micron on the pads and with a second valve a non conductive glue dot is dispensed between the pads. This is required to assure both electrical connection and mechanical strenght of the product. Immediately after the dispensing the machine will pick and place all components. Allowing a total of 3 automated processes in one process step.


“Ever since the launch of the Essemtec multi function platform we have been able to allow efficient multitasking of different processes.” says Tom Van Tongelen, CEO at Smd-Tec. “With this type of machine our customer can have one of the most cost effective solutions as it is not only a pick & place that handles the complete range of components, but also a fully utilisable dispenser and jetter for processes that are becoming essential for advanced electronics production applications.”


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