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Connect Group NV selects Viscom Inspection Systems

Viscom AG and Smd-Tec are happy to have been selected by the Connect Group NV as supplier for their newest generation of inspection systems.

After an extensive selection period, the exceptional high degree of inspection detail in combination with the hardware, software and the expertise of Viscom were decisive factors in the selection.


Connect Group NV is investing in the full quality assurance for its customers with multiple Viscom 3D AOI S3088 ultra and combined 3D AOI with Xray inspection X7056-II systems.

360 View 3D

Optimum 3D application in automatic optical inspection

The third dimension is an increasingly essential aspect of AOI. Today, the decisive factors in 3D inspection include true-to-life representation from all selectable viewing angles, first-class throughput strengths, exact and certified 3D measurement .

S3088 Ultra 3D AOI

3D AOI for the most reliable assembly inspection

The high performance 3D sensor technology uses a unique integrated structured light projector to use up to 9 cameras. It guarantees virtually shadow free 3D inspection and is the only way to uniformly inspect the same component types on an electronics assembly.



X-ray versatility with high speed throughput

While they are essential characteristics of an AOI system, today 3D inspection and high speed are just as important for an AXI. With time-optimized image acquisition technologies and efficient handling concepts, in-line X-ray performance is continually increasing.

X7056-II AXI + AOI

High end X-ray and AOI in one machine

This unique Innovation Award winning machine  combines in-line 3D AXI with 3D AOI and can ensure precise inspection of hidden solder joints and components. It's the most efficient and total defect coverage system ever created.

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