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Spot on


Its Design

space Saving - long lasting - low maintenance


Flexibility in mind  

You never know what might come your way tomorrow so be prepared for everything. The Jade will handle just about every pin no matter how close to the SMD component, how many PCB layers, or how many heat dissipating stuff you've got on your board.  

Programming is child's play  

Can you point and click? Then you can program. Set your parameters for your solderpin and push the start button. That's it. But for the more fancy stuff you can also import your gerber data and go from there.  

Hardware that lasts  

Let's face it: soldering is hot! So your machine needs to look just as good today as in 10 years from now. That's why our hardware such as the solderpump, drop jet fluxer and solder nozzles are durable. We've got the customers to proof it.  

Its Performance

mirror shiny soldering - no residues - full control 

Jade Soldering Bottom display.jpg

Horizontal PCB 

The low maintenance solder bath and pump mechanism moves in three axes and does not limit access to the PCB and helps to prevent components from tilting. 

Patented Technology

After applying just the right amount of flux with our drop jet fluxer, we solder with the proven technology of our AP nozzle, incorporating patented spiral solder return to bath technology offering reduced solder balling potential. 

Pre-heating comes naturally 

The use of our hot Nitrogen curtain provides an inert atmosphere and also assists in the prevention of oxidation and provides a local preheat to the joint, thus reducing thermal shock to components. 

Its Specifications

Unbelievable what you can do with this

  • Machine size: 1000 x 1350 mm

  • Board size: 460 x 510 mm 

  • Power: Single phase + PE 220-250V 50/60Hz - 4kVA

  • X, Y & Z Axis resolution: 0.1mm

  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm

  • Applicators with different nozzle types

  • Optional patented Micro Nozzle of 1,5mm

  • Auto solder wire feed & solder level detect

  • Drop-Jet fluxer

  • Colour programming camera 

  • Solder wave height measurement and correction

  • Universally adjustable PCB carrier

  • Fiducial correction

Our Jade is available in different versions including:

- XL boardhandling of > 600mm 

- Multiple solderpot

- Rotating table

It's Exciting

one video says more than a thousand words

It's Yours

a word from the customers


Niko has selected the Pillarhouse Selective Soldering for its very high degree of stability and reliability in its soldering results. This is important because the power from the Niko outlet travels through these  soldering’s. 

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Page Electronica

The Pillarhouse Jade MK-II gives Page Electronica NV the flexibility it requires. 10 years after their first Jade machine, they now have a total of 4 machines in their production offering an unlimited flexibility and speed. 

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Dutch EMS company Electro-Watt was looking for a) quality soldering, b) flexible programming and use, c) price competitive system....   The Jade got 10/10 on all requirement and was also used in 2018 for the soldering of the WOTS show gadget.

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It's Time

the best choice for any selective soldering task

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