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The NPM-DX provides a greater line throughput, better quality and lower production cost featuring an autonomous line control, which guaranties a stable operation based on automatic functionality. This functionality in combination with the machine set up offers a labor-saving production with improved utilization.


  • In combination with the Panasonic software environment and embedded into an Industry 4.0 philosophy, the user can expect a modern shop floor management system including various remote operation options, feeder setup navigation, component supply navigation etc.


    In total, the NPM-DX reduces downtimes and increase the line throughput.


    With 92 400 cph and a feeder capacity for up to 136 reels, the NPM-DX is the ideal solution to meet the expectation of an evolving electronics assembly industry.


    The NPM-DX can process PCB sizes of up to 510 x 590 mm and place large connectors (up to 150 x 25mm) and other components (up to 120 x 90mm).


    This and other features make the NPM-DX the best solution for high volume-mix manufacturing.


    • 92 400 cph and feeding with up to 136 reels
    • Ready for line automatization
    • Available APC system
    • Automatic recovery options
    • Remote operation option
    • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with maintenance services
    • Advanced feeder setup and component supply navigation
    • Integrated floor management
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