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Elines bv strengthens cooperation with Smd-Tec after new investment

Breda-based Elines bv has been active for 20 years in the manufacture of PCBAs for the industrial market, with high-quality production of mainly small to medium-sized quantities. The expansion of its customer base and the complexity of PCBs made them decide to invest in modernising its production equipment.

The origins of cooperation between the two companies started many years ago with the purchase of a 2nd hand mounting machine from Essemtec. Soon the no-nonsense approach of Smd-Tec and the rest of the portfolio was embraced, leading to the purchase of a new selective soldering machine from Pillarhouse and eventually the Essemtec PUMA pick & place machine.

"We are known for our flexibility and service on a human scale and in human language," says Sebas van den Heuvel, owner of Elines bv. "As a result, our range of products is broad and we grow our production processes and techniques to meet customer demand. The purchase of the Essemtec PUMA provided an immediate increase in efficiency, as the machine is easy to program and can be used to process the full spectrum of components. The pick and place accuracy runs as precisely as a Swiss clock, and the number of feeder positions available on such a small floor space is unique."

When faced with growing demand for manual soldering of conventional components, the company worked together to see how this could be tackled more efficiently . After joint testing and analysis, Pillarhouse's selective soldering machine was purchased, which led to a reduction in operating costs and an increase in the quality of soldering results. Applying machine THT soldering also freed up valuable hands for other production work and ensured repetitive soldering results without rework.

"For us, communication and building solid relationships with our customers and suppliers is essential," adds co-owner Mariska van den Heuvel. "However you look at it, you need each other and then trust and respect from both sides is needed. The guys at Smd-Tec have never disappointed us in all these years and provide solutions because they understand our needs."

Recently, in the field of reflow soldering, the conventional hot air process was supplemented by vapor phase soldering using the IBL BLC premium machine. The advantage with this process is the guarantee of razor-sharp temperature profiles in a low-oxygen environment to achieve the very best reflow soldering. The uniform heat distribution ensures reduced thermal stress on components and allows complex PCBs with varying thermal masses to be soldered. This without risk of component damage due to overheating.

"We greatly appreciate Elines bv and are pleased that this is reflected in loyalty, trust and satisfaction" says Tom Van Tongelen, managing director of Smd-Tec. "They are on the same wavelength as us and identify with the message that the basis of good cooperation is based on a strong person-to-person relationship and open communication."

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