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EVA Optic BV invests in Electronics Production line

EVA Optic BV (Zwartsluis) is in the swimming pool industry synonymous with innovative solutions to offer the ultimate sports and wellness experience. Its no-nonsense approach translated into, among others, the in-house development and production of a large part of its products. This “all-from-one” mentality has recently been completed with the investment in a complete high-end electronics production line.

EVA stands for experience

EVA Optic develops products from the user’s perspective and is not limited by the established status quo of the market. It continuously immerses itself in new techniques and test the boundaries of what is possible, to then integrate them in its production methods. A good example of this is 3D printing, a technique that offers fantastic creative possibilities for product design, prototyping and even production.

Partly because of this, it discovers new ways to let people enjoy swimming and sports even more. EVA Optic’s innovations create the ultimate experience with safe and durable quality products to enjoy carefree moments of relaxation, fun and sports achievements for years to come.

Advanced electronics SMD production

With the introduction of the renewed company building, a complete electronics production department was also introduced. The demand for innovation and new developments caused EVA Optic to choose the Essemtec Puma combined Paste Jetter + Pick&Place. It throws overboard the traditional way of manufacturing and combines a space-saving solution to both apply paste and place components with the same machine, up to PCB lengths of 1200mm.

In order to offer a total solution, production has further been expanded with both a convection reflow oven and an IBL SV540 Vapor Phase machine that guarantees the best soldering on the most challenging products in an oxygen-free environment. Finally, EVA Optic also uses the ultra-flexible THT selective  solderingmachine by Pillarhouse. It ensures stable and repetitive solid soldering of the traditional components

The Viscom X8011-II PCB X-Ray machine was selected for the quality assurance of the internal process. It allows EVA Optic to  detect all visible and invisible problems before they occur. The system utilises extremely high accuracy to allow process and design adjustments that benefit the entire development process of the company.

From design to product

The success of EVA Optic is partly due to its all-in approach: from idea to drawing board, from prototype and redesign to working end product, and this with a very short time-to-market. Owner J. Van Loon also made the specific decision to choose Smd-Tec: “From the very beginning we were on the same wave length and they understood what we were needed. Our experience with their technical process support was very positive and it’s comforting to have a partner who thinks like we do and fulfils our expectations in an professional way.”

This investment marks a new chapter for EVA Optic and will further differentiate them in the market as an innovative company that takes matters into its own hand and with that secures its own future.

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