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FoCUS ON your target

Its Design

pick & place the smart way 

Hardware design for the modern user 

The state of the art machine with maintenance free dual linear motors all built into a mineral cast frame  

Software design for your fingertips 

Programming has never been so simple with the world's best GUI on a large 21,5" HD touchscreen

Floorspace is valuable 

The only system where floorspace is not an issue with 200 feeders on 1m2 and boards up to 406x305mm

Its Performance

will never fail you

Speed at your need 

Configurable with different placement axes to build up your speed up to 18.800 cph per module

Combine your processes

In one pass-through high speed jetting with in combination with 1 or 2 placement axes

Never back down 

Handle the complete spectrum of components up to 25mm height and 80x80mm in zero time changeover

Its Expandibility

will make you don't worry & be happy

Do you want more?

Step up to high volume and run more than 49.600 cph and with 420 feeders. The only limit is you 

It's Exciting

a video says more than words

Fox Review

Fox 1 head

Fox 2 head

Fox 4 head

It's Yours

a word from the customers

ACtronics Module Clamped.jpg
ACtronics BV

Combining high speed and accurate paste jetting with placement of fine pitch components in one machine simplifies the production process and increases the technical capabilities.

CD systems productie Fox met operator (LowRes).jpg
CD Systems BV

CD Systems BV in Noordwijkerhout develops and manufactures electronics from prototype to mass production and have found in the Essemtec Fox the perfect match for their divers production requirements

E-reon productie.jpg
E-reon BV

E-reon located in Rhoon has been able to reduce their assembly period from over 30-45 days to just 2 days. In addition, the investment in the Fox opens up a new business potential for them. One they never considered before.

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