• Decisive factors such as the unique  3D and  software features where complemented by the robust construction of the machine, the high measuring accuracy and exceptional image quality


     Viscom Full 3D A.O.I. machine S3088 Ultra

  • The miniutarisation has lead to an investment in the Essemtec Paraquda Multi Functional platform that combines automatic accurate dispensing of 2 different mediums of conductive and non conductive glue with placement of small SMD components. 

    Multi Functional Production System with Essemtec Paraquda

  • When the machine was introduced to us, we could see the benefits for our company. It not only offers us the flexibility and speed we require, but its future proof concept allows us to grow our production together with our needs

    Essemtec High Flex SMT line with Fox Pick & Place and reflow oven

  • Viscom AG and Smd-Tec are happy to have been selected by the Connect Group NV as supplier for their newest generation of inspection systems

    Viscom AOI and X-ray inspection machines

  • To make sure that the company continuously meets the future expectations of the market it utilizes the Viscom 3D AOI Inspection machine that thanks to its unique technology checks and verifies even the smallest defect. 

    Factory of The Future use Viscom 3D AOI Inspection machine

  • As a design & development company in high power RF/Microwave hardware E-reon wanted to assure highest efficiency and fastest time to market and decided to invest in the Essemtec Fox MFC and IBL Vapor Phase system

    High Quality SMT line with printer, Essemtec P&P and IBL Vapor Phase

  • Using a fully automated SMT line including boardhandling loaders/unloaders,, turn unit, Reprint Mantis 23 screenprinter with 2D paste inspection,EssemtecPuma4 P&P machine; RO400FC reflow oven and automatic component storage . ELC assures efficient inhouse quality production.

    Full automatic SMT production line to light up the stage

  • To assure high quality soldering of power and other thru hole components, Epac was looking for the most optimal solution. They selected the Pillarhouse JADE MKII selective soldering machine for its extraordinary results and efficiency giving the company reliable and efficient soldering result 

    Flexible and high quality Selective Soldering 

  • By using the table top selective soldering machine HMD can solder it's low volume products with a repetitive and constant quality. The machine is a price interesting solution that has increased their flexibility and give more time to focus on new products rather then doing handsoldering work.

    Selective Soldering for small volume with Pillarhouse Pilot

  • After 25 years of market experience Jumiko decided that it was time to take full control over their time to market and quality. They decided to stop outsourcing their SMT production and do all in house. For this they selected the Reprint printer and Fox P&P and Reflow from Essemtec

    Life critical LED production with the Essemtec Fox pick & place RO300

  • To assure perfect and void free soldering, Newtec has invested in the Vacuum vapor phase soldering machine from technology leader IBL  that offers patented transport-, soft-vapor profiling and in-vapor vacuum

    IBL Vapor Phase with Vacuum for perfect soldering

  • Niko has always been strongly committed to innovative developments and has recently invested in the Pillarhouse Selective Soldering equipment for its production of new home automation applications.

    Pillarhouse Selective Soldering Equipment 

  • Otheruse from The Hague is an innovative company with focus on integrating Intenet of things. In order to keep up with the fast changing market demands they purchased the Fox Pick & Place to assure fast time-to-market.

    Essemtec Fox for small series production at Otheruse 

  • As the worlds best selling manual load selective soldering system, the Pillarhouse Jade MK-II gives Page Electronica NV the flexibility it requires. 10 years after their first Jade machine, they now purchased the third one

    Third Pillarhouse Jade Selective soldering machine

  • With over 6 Smd-Tec production lines Thal Technologies is able to handle the smallest components up to the longest PCB's of 1500 mm in a full automatic setup. The complete capacity of the machines can allow a net output of more than 120 million components per year.

    Multi lines production covering all components, speed & PCB length

  • Unitron is a EMS provider that supplies to a wide range of customer that are in high demanding markets such as Medical industry. Here the importance of assuring that all products supplied are perfect is a standard demand. Only Viscom AOI was able to meet the requirement. 

    Looking at Quality from every possible angle

  • Veko's producst are installed in buildings all over Europe, and local production is a key driver for the company. In addition to the aluminium assembly, Veko has recently aded the SMD production of LED lighting

    High volume 1500mm long board SMD production line

  • We are the proud partner for more than 100 companies in the Benelux that are related to electronics production. From universities and laboratories to small R&D companies and OEM's. From prototype to small series to hgh mix to high volume production.

    More than 100 customers in the Benelux rely on Smd-Tec

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